The Drowning Game


New artwork for Jane Nightshade's The Drowning Game. 
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Welcome to the Sutton County Line. . .
It was the hottest summer on record in Sutton County, and Sandy and her friends were desperately in need of a swimming pool. There was a perfectly good one going to waste right in Sandy’s neighborhood—a pool that belonged to the rambling, empty old mansion behind her house—a pool that no one ever used. Until one blisteringly hot summer afternoon, Sandy and her friends made the mistake of trespassing on the mansion’s grounds and taking a dip the pool. Soon they found that something terrible lurked in the pool—something that would prove the old saying that Sandy sometimes heard around town when growing up: “You never know what will happen, once a body crosses over the Sutton County Line.” It was a lesson that Sandy would learn again and again, in a novella and six other spine-tingling tales of the supernatural from horror author Jane Nightshade. Visit the haunted swimming pool of the old Sutton Mansion; the enchanted Old West-themed shopping center in downtown Sutton; the old saloon where an elderly barfly confronts his part in a mass murder, and the other dark places of Sutton County.

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