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David Paul Harris is a regular contributing artist to Red Cape Publishing with books such as DEMONS NEVER DIE , SIX DAYS OF VIOLENCE , SHADOWS OF DEATH , the magazine CAULDRON OF CHAOS , and more to come.   Commissions: The artist will not work for monetary payment. Instead you will be asked to make a donation to a charity of either your choice or one selected for you.  CONTACT CAULDRON OF CHAOS #3     SHADOWS OF DEATH       KEEP IT INSIDE (cover art) CAULDRON OF CHAOS 2       HOT OFF THE PRESS (cover)                 THE DROWNING GAME (cover) CAULDRON OF CHAOS MAGAZINE - ISSUE 1 - SUMMER 2022 Welcome to Issue One of Cauldron of Chaos, a new quarterly magazine focusing on horror flash fiction and artwork. Includes stories, illustrations, reviews, interviews, competitions, and more. ORDER HERE SIX DAYS OF VIOLENCE  Six Days of Violence includes fifty pieces of flash fiction by P.J. Blakey-Novis, ranging from the bizarre to the