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David Paul Harris has previously been published under the name David Paul as the author of The Witness, Naked Vitality, From the Blood of Poetry, and has been published in magazines, including Heavy Metal.  Unable to continue writing extensively due to worsening arthritis, and with a desire to continue creating, David turned to digital art. utilizing skills he developed when he was younger and taking advantage of art programs and software available. He now illustrates book covers and accepts commissions. Commissions start at $25.  Contact Demons Never Die Demons Never Die is a unique collection of artwork and prose focusing on a range of subjects, split into three categories; Creatures features a selection of nightmarish beings coupled with creepy short fiction, Historical Figures brings the spotlight on to those human monsters from the past and the real-life atrocities they were responsible for, and Vices & Influences portrays inner demons and the dark side of the human condition.