Animalistic -- Chapter 4 -- by Chisto Healy

Sasha took in the sight of the sultry dark skinned woman’s glistening naked body that exuded sexuality. She had seen wolves and humans that turned into wolves but she had never seen a creature such as this. She licked her lips, her throat suddenly feeling dry. “Where should we go then? I mean…you’re not wearing clothes and we’re in the city.”

The naked woman’s thick lips parted into a smile. “We can go anywhere we want to go, but we should go now.”

Sasha bit her lip. The woman before her was enticing but somehow frightening all the same. She felt intimidated. “Maybe I’m dumb,” she said, her eyes lingering what she was sure was a little too long on the black woman’s erect nipples. “I’m new to all this, but if we go out into the public street as wolves it will cause hysteria. If you go as you are it will probably have a similar effect. What am I missing?”

The woman stepped closer. There were inches between them. Sasha could smell the sweetness of the glistening sweat on the woman’s flesh and feel the heat emanating from her. A thin brown finger came forward and gently moved across Sasha’s face. She swallowed a lump in her throat and pulled her eyes from the woman’s shining belly to look up at the cat-like eyes on her face. The stranger’s smile widened. “The back door,” she said. “We chose this spot for a reason. There are woods behind us. We can stay out there or change and hit the streets, but we need to go now.”

The woman walked away, her breast glancing Sasha’s lips as she went by, causing her to shudder. Who was this bold woman? Sasha got to her feet and moved to follow her. “What is your name?” she asked, unable to keep her gaze away from the sensual woman’s swagger.

 Her eyes were glued to the thick hips and the movement of the heart shaped butt, the firm muscled thighs. No woman had ever had this effect on her before. She had a hard time even understanding it, but she wanted to touch her, to taste her, to know what it was like. The dark skinned woman looked back over her shoulder and glanced at Sasha knowingly, which made her swallow and look away.

Laughing, the woman said, “Rochele.”

Then she pushed her way out the back door and Sasha watched the most fluid transformation she had ever seen. She would have to ask her about that when she got the chance. The woman made it look easy. Just like everything about her, it was smooth. Sasha shed her new clothes and followed suit, with none of the same elegance. She pooped and twisted and hurt with each shift of bone, but as it always had been, it was worth it. The wolf was her true form. She had always felt that way. It was more natural.

She padded on all fours after the brown wolf, following her into the trees. The stranger was as magnificent in wolf form as she was in her human skin. She moved with grace and a sense of power, strength. 

Finally, the wolf came to a halt and so easily transformed back into the enticing woman that had first approached her. Sasha felt embarrassed, afraid to transform back in front of this incredible woman who made it look so easy, so she just remained as she was and laid in the grass a few feet away, panting from the run.

The nude woman sat on a large rock, leaning back against a tree behind it. She sighed with content. Then she bent forward and cast her eyes on the wolf in the grass. “You can stay that way for now if it feels more comfortable, but I have a feeling when you hear what I have to say, you’re going to want to respond.”

Sasha looked at her with her lupin eyes and licked her lips. The woman nodded. “Fair enough,” she said. “Lionel is a player, but that’s probably not news to you at this point. Animals wish to mate. That’s how it goes. Creatures like Lionel were made to mate and eat and kill. That’s all.”

Sasha’s eyes flashed at the word kill and it drew a smile from the naked woman. “We stick to animals of course. You know, the food chain. Unless it’s necessary and at times it is, but it’s still not usually humans. We are forced to slay other shifters. It’s kill or be killed, but you’ll understand that soon enough.”

Sasha’s eyes flashed again, and the woman actually chuckled. She stopped talking and waited. She knew that she had been proven right and Sasha wanted to respond, to converse with her, just as she had known that Sasha wanted to lay with her. The woman was nothing if not intuitive. Sasha would have frowned if she could have. She gave a whimper and put her paws over her face. Rochele only laughed harder at her discomfort.

Sasha felt determined to change without being seen so she rose up and padded off into the trees. Rochele at least had enough respect to let her go and not follow. When she returned in human form she was nude and feeling incredibly shy. She tried her best to cover herself as she emerged from the trees. Still, she could feel the other woman’s eyes combing over her flesh. She felt even more naked somehow, but yet turned on all the same. Sasha closed her eyes and took a deep breath, willing herself to focus on the conversation. “Why do you think I will learn about killing shifters?” she asked.

“Because the Dark Born will kill us all if we don’t,” Rochele said a little too casually. “Do you want to pause the conversation and relieve this tension?”

Sasha took in the woman’s naked form, legs spread on that rock, inviting her, and she trembled. She wanted to say yes. She wanted to beg the woman to take her, to teach her, but she didn’t. “I want to have the conversation,” she said.

“Later then,” Rochele said with a smile, chewing on her fingertip.

“Yes,” Sasha said, more quickly then she meant to. Rochele laughed. Sasha tried to ignore it and the urges that were clawing at her. “You said we couldn’t talk inside. How come? Nothing you said seems like something that couldn’t be overheard, unless you were afraid of Lionel being mad at you.”

Rochele leaned her head back and gave a hearty laugh at this. Sasha’s eyes were drawn to the smoothness of her neck. Something made her suddenly want to bite it. Her breathe caught in her chest. Then the woman leaned back forward, pinning her piercing eyes to her and said, “I don’t give a damn what that scoundrel feels. His brother is a different story. I will nab Theo if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Martin said that Lionel doesn’t mate with everyone he recruits, that we may have something.”

“You have something,” Rochele said, grabbing her vagina. Sasha’s eyes followed her hand and she felt nervous, chewing on her lip. She watched as Rochele’s hand moved away, showing her what she wanted to see. She didn’t realize that her own hands were roaming until she felt her fingers on her clitoris.

Rochele watched for a second, with lustful interest before she finished her thought. “Lionel doesn’t mate with all recruits, just the women.”

Sasha realized what she was doing and stopped suddenly. It was like Rochele had some kind of spell over her. Her magic was sex. The air was thick with pheromones. Sasha almost howled despite being in her human form. She realized that in this moment she didn’t care about Lionel either. She needed to have this woman. Her body craved it. It crawled over her inch by inch like an itch that she couldn’t scratch, her skin bubbling up with goosebumps. But first, she needed answers. “Then what was it?” she asked, her voice shaky and her breath quick, as she tried to fight the magnetic pull of Rochele’s call. “What couldn’t you tell me around the others?”

Rochele stood from the rock and came nearer which made the beating of Sasha’s heart accelerate. She trembled but waited for her answer. The brown skinned woman’s thick lips stopped by her ear and Sasha couldn’t help but shudder as she felt the warmth of the woman’s breath. Then, in a breathy whisper, Rochele said, “Martin thought bringing you in would keep you safe, but we’re not safe at all, sugar. We’ve been infiltrated. Someone in the pack is actually one of the Dark Born.”

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