IT CAME FROM THE DARKNESS -- A Charity Anthology

From the publisher of Mandatory Midnight

My artwork has been selected for the cover of a horror anthology benefiting a very worthy charity fund. Below is the press release. I am asking you to PLEASE READ this and visit the site. This cause is to fight a VERY RARE form of CANCER that only affects toddlers. I am adamant about this cause and I will be sharing this post often. Once the book is available for pre-order I hope you will buy it to help fight this horrible cancer. No child should ever have to suffer.

Big thanks to my friend Chisto Healy who urged me to submit my work. 


Red Cape Publishing and Philip Rogers 101 PR are proud to announce the upcoming release of It Came From the Darkness, a collection of 100-word stories and poems, interspersed with exclusive artwork. The book has been put together to raise money for the Max the Brave Fund ( and will be released on October 30th, with pre orders available from the 23rd.


It Came From the Darkness is a unique collection of drabbles (stories of 100 words exactly) and artwork, compiled by Red Cape Publishing and Philip Rogers 101 PR in aid of the Max the Brave Fund. A huge number of horror writers, poets, artists, and film makers have come together to support the cause and offer the reader something special. Each piece of writing begins with the same five words, but the stories themselves are all wonderfully varied. So dig in, take each tale one bloody bite at a time, and beware of what comes from the darkness.

Includes stories from David Owain Hughes, Matthew V. Brockmeyer, Tim Lebbon, Lou Yardley, Cortney Palm, Lee Franklin, MJ Dixon, Singh Lall, and many, many more.

Cover artwork by David Paul Harris (


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