Coming Down

I like for my work to speak for itself when it's not illustrated to accompany a story or vainly serving some fandom, which I am not opposed to but don't do very much of. Someday ppl will see this and not get its message. To be clear this is a social message. The girl here represents America as I see her now, throwing herself carelessly down a proverbial flight of stairs she worked so hard to climb up. She holds a teddy bear at her side away from her, as if it repulses her. Formerly it was an object of great affection and now she would throw it away in favor of this new fun activity of harming herself. The features of her face are distorted, insinuating she was once attractive but has now done so much harm to herself as to cause permanent damage. The trajectory of her fall has her heading headway into the edge of the windowsill. Although she is attempting to lessen the impact by drawing her arm inward, she will crash where the impending injury will be life-threatening. 

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