Animalistic -- Chapter 2 -- by Chisto Healy

Sasha knew that this fantasy of a moment couldn’t last forever but when the male started to make his exit, reality came crashing. She didn’t want to lose him, so she trotted after him. When he noticed she was following, he sped up, racing through the grass and trees, leaping over obstacles as graceful as can be. Was he trying to lose her? Did the time they spent mean nothing to him? Had it just been sex and nothing more? She couldn’t handle it if that were true. More than her animalistic cravings for his body was the need to belong, to feel included, a part of something.

She ran after him, refusing to lose him. When he got too far ahead and she felt the lifelong fear of abandonment creeping back in, Sasha stopped and howled, her call ripping through the air of the forest. She watched the male stop on a cliff across the way. He turned those emerald eyes her direction and matched her call. Then she was off and running, the wind ruffling her wolf hair.

When she made it to him they ran together, side by side. She had never felt so free, and at the same time so bound to someone. It was more than she had ever dreamed. When they finally came to a stop, they let their bodies revert back to their human forms, bones shifting and changing, hair retracting, until they were standing together in their nakedness. Immediately, Sasha kissed her mate hard on his stubbled mouth and they fell against a large oak tree. He met her kiss with equal passion but laughed between breaths.

Only then did Sasha notice that they were standing nude in a public park, and they weren’t alone. She felt suddenly embarrassed and shamed, covering her body from prying eyes. Did they see her change? Did they know what she was? They certainly would if she changed back now.

“Relax. It’s okay,” the male said to her, his voice thick and sensual, like sound given to chocolate. “Follow me.”

He ducked into a bush and she was too happy to oblige his request and get away form the park patrons' shocked and lustful faces. 

“What is your name?” she asked him. “I know nothing about you.”

“Lionel,” he told her, as he pulled a hidden chest out of the base of a tree. He opened it and started pulling clothing free, tugging it on. Sasha had already had him, yet the sight of him, pulling those pants over his thick muscled thighs and firm buttocks still made her quiver. She bit her lip to resist the urge to pull those clothes right back off of him. He graced her with a mischievous smile, licking his lips, his green eyes gleaming.

“There’s plenty of clothes in here for you too,” he told her. “There’s male and female clothing.”

Sasha wanted nothing more than to be clothed if she couldn’t be in her more comfortable form, but as she pulled a form fitting black dress from the chest, she couldn’t help but feel pangs of jealousy. Why were there already women’s clothes? Who did they belong to? Did he have a mate already? Did he mean for her to be his mistress? She asked herself if that was something she could handle. She didn’t think she could let him go just because there was another female involved. She had waited her whole life for him. She didn’t know that she would ever find another like him. Maybe there was something that she could do to win his favor.

Sasha pulled the dress on and it was a little tight. Whoever it had been intended for had a more petite frame. She grabbed the edges and tugged it over her ass, but it still barely covered her. Even in his human form Lionel growled his hunger as he stared at the thickness of her body fighting back against the dress, her thighs glistening with the moisture that the sight of his nakedness had created.

“No one can see us here,” she said.

Lionel’s stare was intense. He looked like he couldn’t contain the hunger, like it was going to drive him to the brink of madness. Then he growled and broke away, looking elsewhere. He had bitten his lip against his urges, a fang puncturing his lip and drawing blood. Sasha grabbed his firm shoulder and turned him back to her. Her eyes flashed gold and she licked the blood from his swollen lip. He trembled with his need for her. Then he said, “There will be more time for fun later. I have something I need to show you.”

Sasha nodded, but she felt disappointed and more than a little frightened. He had rejected her. Did he favor the other female more? She remembered the ferocity with which he had taken her earlier, the passion and tenderness he exhibited. Had it been real or just her perception of things?

Dressed, they ventured back into the public sector of the park. People that had seen them earlier whistled and smiled at them. Lionel shamelessly returned the gesture. He was so confident. Sasha found it incredibly sexy. It made her feel less awkward and more confident herself. She walked proudly beside him, her arm locked around his. He led her out of the park and to the street, and he didn’t release her. He stayed close enough for her to feel his warmth. She didn’t want to clutch onto false hope though, so Sasha decided to ask him outright. “Who did the female clothes belong to?”

“You will see momentarily,” he told her. Sasha felt herself melt at the sound of his voice and she tried not to show it. He was so cryptic, and full of mystery. It frustrated and frightened her, yet turned her on all the same. No one had ever made her feel this way before. It was like trying a new drug, euphoric but dangerous. Then he was stopping. She looked at where they were and her heart quickened, her fear increasing. It was some kind of old warehouse. What could he be bringing her there for? What did he plan to do with her?

Lionel opened the door and ushered her inside. Sasha was breathing so hard, her heart pounding, but she chose to trust him. She was going where life took her for once, letting the magnet of desire pull her along. She needed to see where it led.

When she entered the warehouse there was a crowd of people gathered all around and it seemed they had been waiting on her, expecting her somehow, but that wasn’t possible. Sasha looked back at Lionel and he was closing and locking the door behind them. The people were cheering and clapping. Why? What was happening? Embarrassed, she wiped away nervous tears. Then a man stepped before her. She had never seen anyone built so solidly in her life. He was like a brick wall, all muscle, a body that threatened to tear free of the clothes that held it. With each movement the muscles of his arms and chest moved on their own as if they had their own lives, twitching and jumping. Sasha was intimidated by his girth but also couldn’t look away. She found herself wondering about the one muscle she couldn’t see. Then he spoke and her fantasy fell away.

“Welcome to the pack,” he said.

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