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Mandatory Midnight is dedicated to the discovery of up and coming writers who may be struggling to find an audience of readers, as well as expanding the fan-base of authors outside of the mainstream. We publish horror, weird, and experimental fiction, and we publish the occasional article or interview with roots in horror literature. The site was founded originally by horror author and artist David Paul Harris to support his works of fiction while attempting to attract literary agents and publishers. He was previously published under the name David Paul as the author of The Witness, Naked Vitality (which received a 2005 Library of Poetry Award), From the Blood of Poetry, and he has been published in magazines, including Heavy Metal. After his story Casualties of Pretty Things was published to the site and reached over 3,000 readers David realized he could offer to publish other writers whose works may be going unrecognized elsewhere. To help attract readers he started creating original art for each writer and story he published, and continues to do so. Each writer who contributes to the horror ezine retains proprietary rights to their manuscripts. Neither the site nor its publisher claims any copyrights to the stories, articles, or interviews published. Click here to see our submission page. 

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His first two books are no longer in print.
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