ANIMALISTIC by Chisto Healy

She spied him from her place by the tree. He was an incredible specimen, cut and lean but not overbuilt, his skin a sparkling gold. He was definitely beautiful with his chiseled jaw and emerald eyes, but that wasn’t what drew Sasha to him. He was like her. She hadn’t seen anyone like her before, not ever. She didn’t even know there were any. She had always believed that she was alone in this, that she was the only one, but there he was.

His human form was delicious but seeing him turn, seeing him on all fours like her, his fur as golden as his skin, made Sasha’s whole body tingle. She wanted to breathe his scent, to have it mix with her own. She wanted to know him. She wanted to taste him, to mate with him. If they coupled maybe they could create a child, someone like her, like him; someone who was both human and wolf.

She discovered who she was as a child. Her father left because of it and her mother made sure she had what she needed but she wouldn’t look at her or talk to her. She saw her as a monster. Sasha played human the best she could, but every chance she got, she wanted to be her other self and to run free. Human relationships didn’t work for her because they always knew she had a secret and she always knew that she could never tell them. They would never understand, never accept her. But he was different. He had to know what it was like for her. He was living it.

Sasha knew the stranger was aware of her. He could sense her presence, feel her watching him. He looked her direction sometimes, even sniffed at the air, but he was unafraid. He dropped and turned right there before her, so fluidly, it was sensual. She shuddered. Then she followed suit. It was time.

Every time she changed it felt good but this time, with him near, the transformation felt like ecstasy. She howled. He turned and looked right at her then, those penetrating green eyes, and then he was gone. He sprinted away through the trees. She knew that he wanted her to follow. She ran after him and she felt the freest she had ever felt in her life.

When they broke through the trees, he trotted to the middle of the clearing and he waited for her. He stood tall and proud, rippling with muscle. She was enticed and afraid at the same time. She wanted him more than she had ever wanted anything but she was intimidated by his very existence, the very thing that made her want him. She stood where she was, just staring at him. He turned his back to her and laid down in the grass, panting.

Her heart was pounding. She had to know. She needed him. Shyly she trotted over to him. He got to all fours when she neared and he walked around her. They moved in a slow circle for a few moments, just taking in each other’s scent. Then he tackled her. She didn’t see it coming and she yelped but he didn’t actually hurt her. Somehow she knew he wouldn’t. His big paws pinned her to the ground. She went limp, submissive, letting him know he won. She was content to let him dominate her.

He backed off of her then and nudged her with his nose, urging her to roll over. She did as he wanted and he mounted her. She had always dreamed of making love as a wolf and she never imagined it possible, but here she was, tied to him, panting in rhythm. Suddenly, she wanted it the other way. She wanted both. She wanted to know what it felt like to have both at once, one and then the other, something only he could give her.

She started the turn with him still inside her. She had never even dreamed of such a wonderful fulfilling feeling. It was pain and lust and love and freedom all at once. They were liberated but unified. She howled again, halfway between forms. Then he joined her in her transformation just as he joined her in intercourse. He howled with her then, as they completed their transformation and made love for the first time in their full humanity.

They rolled in the grass, tasting each other’s flesh, moving in sync like one being. They caressed each other’s human skin, feeling the smoothness of it. They kissed hard and passionate, they’re tongues battling for supremacy. She wanted to taste more of him than that and he allowed her to. He squirmed in the grass as her mouth worked at him. Then he pushed her away. He tugged her back to him and laid her in the grass. He allowed his face to change back to its wolf form and he returned the favor, lapping at her as she moaned in ecstasy.

When it was done, when they were done, they were both wolves again, curled up together in the grass, breathing in unison. It was the safest and happiest Sasha had ever felt since her birth. She didn’t even know who he was, but it didn’t matter. He was hers. She was his. They were one, and somehow she knew from this day forth it would always be that way. She nuzzled him with her nose and he met her eyes and then licked at her fur.

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