The Beetle
Richard Marsh

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken the time to recommend a good book. However, this is a recent re-discovery, as it’s been out of print since the 60s, and it’s one I’m just now learning about myself. So I’m recommending it on merit alone that a publisher saw that this book once competed with (and outsold!) Dracula, and decided it needed a revival. I’m curious enough to read it. Sounds fun and interesting. You should too.   

A horror classic for the modern reader, presented by the Horror Writers Association.

Rediscover the classic and come face-to-face with a creature "born of neither god nor man"

First published in 1897, Richard Marsh's classic work of gothic horror, The Beetle, opens with Robert Holt, an out-of-work clerk seeking shelter in an abandoned house. He comes face to face with a fantastical creature with supernatural and hypnotic powers; a creature who can transform at will between its human and beetle forms and who wrecks havoc when he preys on young middle-class Britons.

Featuring an introduction by bestselling author Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, the Haunted Library Horror Classics edition of The Beetle is a tale of revenge that takes the reader on a dark journey, one that explores the crisis of late imperial England through a fantastical and horrific lens.

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