Evil is As Evil Does

I’ve received some backlash for my work from a global community which considers itself righteous. They may read the subject matter of just one of my books without ever reading the actual story itself. They believe it to be heretical and of no literary value. These people have accused me of being Satanic, agnostic, and atheist -- without knowing the meaning of these words -- and they have accused me of persecuting them. 

The world in which we live requires no fabrications nor machinations on my part. I do not conjure up modern folktales to mislead God’s chosen, saved by the Blood of the Lamb, to be then accused of divinations in concert with Lucifer. 

I write horror. The kind of horror I write is monstrous, based on the evil things men and women of God do in the dark. Children are usually their victims. This is not fiction. This is reality. Our everyday reality. 

Christians accuse me of perpetuating a stereotype to rally persecution against them for nothing more than the sake of hatred. And they do not stop to ask if I myself am a Christian.

My books are full of graphic content and profanity; men and women of God abuse and victimize children; they regularly abuse the power their communities have entrusted them with; Christians not only tolerate such evil, they willingly accept it. No Christian would write such filth.

To get a feel for the offensive material I write, whether you are a Christian or not, I encourage you to read the most non-offensive EASTER book I have ever written. Because it is Easter, after all. Here’s a brief description: 

Four years after he condemned an innocent man, Pilate confesses to Caesar that he was visited by Death and taken to Hell, while longing to return to his wife, the powerful Oracle of Rome.

THE WITNESS is my homage to Dante’s Inferno and includes illustrations by Gary T. Becks. Also, if one’s looking, there may be a message about forgiveness. Ya’ know? That thing Christians like to preach but can’t seem to practice.   

For the record, I will not answer the question on whether or not I am a Christian. My walk with God is my walk with God. How you and I see the world we live in is something we may disagree on. What’s more important is how we choose to live in it. I choose to live and let live, and write about what I see. If you don’t want me writing about what you do in the dark, don’t do anything worthy of evil.  

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