Need a Few HORROR STORIES For the Murderer Inside You?

Have you ever had that creepy feeling you were being watched? Did you know... There's estimated to be 30 active serial killers operating in the United States today. On average 40% of all murders go unsolved each year. The world is a big place, and with all that goes on, it can be downright scary! Horror Stories by Hannah J. Tidy Tells of some of the most puzzling or unexplainable murders and disappearances that have taken place all around the world, some of which STILL remain unsolved till this day. For example, the mysteriously Vanishing Youtuber! A well-known Youtuber had an unusually creepy thing happen to him one night. This is a big channel boasting over 6 million subscribers. He assumes the role of a Russian man with a thick Eastern European accent, who showcases and demonstrates the effects of many different types of weaponry and explosives. A wave of controversy resonated throughout YouTube after he appeared to have mysteriously vanished from the platform in the spring of 2013. Without any announcement or foreshadowing whatsoever, the channel simply stopped uploading. but one evening something odd uploads on his channel that changes everything... Download the book to get the full creepy story of this Youtuber So if you love to be creepy true stories Get Your Copy of Horror Stories Right Now! Don't delay - Get your copy of Horror Stories right away. Scroll to the top and select the "BUY" button for instant download. Warning: Please be aware. Some of these stories may be disturbing for some!

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